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Looking for an alternative? We could always use the following items for donation:

  • Buckets (large & small)

  • First aid supplies

    • iodine​

    • gauze

    • vet wrap

  • Horse halters, lead ropes, hoof picks

  • Horse grooming supplies

  • Manure forks

  • Wheel barrels

  • Dog blankets/coats (to keep the goats warm)

  • Towels, blankets, sheets, etc

  • Children's play equipment (for the goats)

  • Rubber stall mats - 4 x 6

  • Dog houses - good shape, large enough to use as shelters

  • Rubber hoses

  • Building supplies



There are also several items available through one of our suppliers, Pleasant Ridge Saddlery & Western Wear in Brantford, ON.

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