Family Petting Farm Visit

We would like to continue to provide a much needed stress break to our community through visits to our petting farm. However, due to the current situation and the strict policy on social distancing, only one single family household will be booked per session, up to a maximum of 5 people. We have extended our hours to allow more people the opportunity to visit.
We ask that if you or anyone you know are sick please do not book to come out to the petting farm at this time. Let's all respect each others safety and health.
We will ensure that the petting farm is sanitized in between visits. We ask that everyone sanitize/wash their hands (outdoor wash station provided) before and after entering/leaving our petting farm. We ask that children do not play on any of the play equipment within the petting farm and just enjoy the animals company. 
For the sake of the safety of our animals and yours, no dogs, pets, or outside animals are allowed at the farm, even if leashed.

Each visit is 45 minutes long so that staff has time to sanitize before the next visitors arrive. 
Please respect each others space while on the property.