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Palliative Care Units

Get your Vitamin G!!! 

Our baby goats love to snuggle! We will bring our babies to your facility and your residents will get an opportunity to hold/pet/snuggle and interact with our adorable babies.

Goats are perfect animals for providing a therapeutic effect on people.  They are herd animals and therefore take comfort in being a part of a group.  Not only do they make everyone smile, they have an amazing effect on our well being. 

Research indicates that interaction with therapy animals can temporarily affect the release of various neurotransmitters in the brain. Oxytocin and dopamine levels are increased, while cortisol levels (an immunosuppressant associated with stress) are decreased. All of which are very beneficial to the patients. Goats can provide a happy distraction, help you forget about pain and depression.  All of our goats bring love and happiness wherever they go!  

We typically travel with 6 to 8 baby goats, but can travel with other animals as well for special events.


  • Option 1: 6 baby goats - $250 plus HST

  • Option 2: 6 bunnies -  $250 plus HST

  • Option 3: 6 small animals (3 goats & 3 bunnies) -  $300 plus HST

  • Option 4: 6 small animals (3 goats & 3 bunnies) and one large animal selection from alpaca, mini horse, or a mini donkey - $350 plus HST 

  • Option 5: 6 small animals (3 goats & 3 bunnies) alpaca, sheep, mini horse, and mini donkey. Best booked for outdoor experience $400 plus HST

  • All packages are for one hour in length, a travel fee my apply.

  • Additional hours are $150 plus HST

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