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Meet the Family


Triple C Farm is run by Tricia, Pascal and their three autistic sons Geoffrey, Michael and Richard. The farm was purchased in 2013 in order to provide a place for their eldest son Geoffrey to realize his dream of becoming a farmer, while also using it as a venue to teach all the boys the responsibilities and skills needed to become productive adults.

It originally started out as a small horse boarding facility, but the farm grew as every animal that the boys wanted was searched for, rescued, and brought to the farm. The dream was to be able to provide a safe place for adults with disabilities to join the farm team and learn useful skills, as well as rescue animals from re-homing, neglectful situations, and auctions to give them forever homes. Both of these dreams have come true as the farm is now a fully functional animal sanctuary as well as a volunteer program for adults with developmental disabilities.

Triple C Farm was officially established in 2014 because the animals have brought the family so much joy, they wanted to share that happiness with the community and surrounding area, as well as reach out to families with children with special needs to provide them a friendly place to enjoy time together.

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