Meet the Horses & Donkeys!

Meet the horses! It costs around $500 per month to care for a horse. Your generous contribution goes towards vet bills, farrier bills, feeding and care for our special horses. So any amount helps!
To sponsor a horse, find one of the available horses, and email us at . Some of our special horses who were neglected before they came to our farm cost more a month. Whether you sponsor a horse partially or fully, we are grateful for any assistance.     


Zeus was born October 14th 2021 in the early morning he was born in the paddock by the road. He came as a complete surprise because no one knew Mama Leto was pregnant. He was a skinny, tiny thing when born and looked a little out of shape but has grown into a beautiful young colt.
Breed : Belgian? / Percheron? 



Athena- “Big Momma” she was rescued January 2013. She weighed 1183 pounds when she came to us, and now is a whopping 1800 pounds and stands 17.2 hands high. She is the sweetest, kindest horse, and truly is a mama to everyone. She loves to pull carts!
Birthday January 31, 2007
Breed: Clydesdale
Partially sponsored by Amelia  




Charmer – after receiving a call, in July 2019 with a plea to help, we headed out to Newmarket to pick up this sweet old fella who was skinny and terrified. He has since come out of his shell and is super sweet like his name implies. And is enjoying all the love and attention he gets at the farm. His is approximately 22. Birthday Unknown

Breed: Thoroughbred

Available for Sponsorship



Ares - “Harris” he was rescued in oct 2018 with his BFF Zeus. Before they were sent to auction due to a family death. They had been abandoned in a field for over a year before Trish and pascal happened upon him. He is a true red head, fiery & fierce but a true lover. Birthday sometime in 2008. 

Breed: Morgan

Lovingly adopted by Kristina Kritikos



Edward –“Shoe Maker” he came with Bella in 2019 from a re homing situation. When the family was losing their property. Shortly after we got him, he got very sick, and spent time in Guelph Hospital, but now he is back to his bouncing self. He is 3 years old.

Birthday Unknown

Breed: Mini Appaloosa

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Marsali – Rescued from OLEX auction. Approximately sixteen years old. She was very engorged and most likely had just had her baby removed from her before coming to auction. Most likely a breeding mare past her time. 

Birthday Unknown

Breed: Standard Bred or Throughbred

Available for Sponsorship



Info coming soon



Gideon - “The Outlander” He is one of the originals. Tricia bought him in January 2013. He is the alpha of the herd and his nickname is Fabio because he is a lover, not a fighter. He will always be the first at the gate for treats.

Birthday April 6, 2009

Breed: Clyde Hanoverian



Duffy - “Sir Farts A lot” he came to the farm in October 2015, to be Michaels personal horse. His calm demeanor leads him to be an amazing trail horse, kid horse, & good for people with anxiety. He is a handsome guy who loves affection & food. He is approximately 24 years old.

Birthday Unknown

Breed: Canadian

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Ivy Jean

Ivy Jean - “FFF” came to us from TEAD when they closed down their mini program and her owner needed to find Ivy a forever home. A former show horse, she is a favorite for birthday parties, grooming and decoration, and traveling petting zoos. She has traveled to retirement homes and palliative units to bring love to people who really need it.

Birthday Unknown 

Breed: Pinto Mini Horse

Available for Sponsorship



Buddy - “The Meat Brothers” Buddy was rescued from the OLEX auction back in November 2019. Most likely in his late teens early 20’s, he was clearly abused as he has major trust issues around his hind end and feet. Although his body was not in bad condition, ,mentally he suffered. Buddy will live his life here, and we will work to regain his trust.
Birthday Unknown
Breed: Percheron


Happy the Appy

Happy-“ The Appy” – she came to us from a re homing situation. She is about 15 years old and has an eye condition called uveitis. A very sweet girl who will hopefully join our trail ride team. Birthday Unknown

Breed: Appaloosa

Available for Sponsorship



Wildfire – At sixteen years old he was recused from OLEX auction having been a mennonite cart horse.  

Birthday: Unknown

Breed: Standard Bred

Lovingly adopted by Laura Brown


Shaneighneigh Twain

Info coming soon



Dream - “My Dream” Tricia’s bought dream December 2012 when she was 6 months old It was always her dream to raise a baby horse for her own. And now Dream is a wonderful companion. Birthday May 20, 2012
Breed: Clyde/Thoroughbred



Liberty - “The Great Grandma” Liberty came to us April 2017. She is a very opinionated and strong willed girl. She had very little training having gone through 3 different families.  

Birthday June 9

Breed: Half Friesan Half Paint



Bear –“The Meat Brothers” he was rescued from the OLEX auction back in November 2019.  Bear is a Standardbred ‘Benny’s Jet’.  He is a big cuddly bear who is getting used to the leisurely life and is being introduced to trail riding by his adoptive mom. 

Breed: Standard Bred

Lovingly adopted by Laura Brown




Sassenach - “The Baby” named after Tricia’s favorite book series “Outlander” Her nickname is Sassy, which she truly is. She is Gaia’s baby and the farms first foal.

Birthday April 13, 2020

Breed: Clyde Friesan cross or Fries-dale



Charm – This little Arabian mare is a boarded horse. She was rescued by her current owner. She can be  seen standing with her boyfriend, the giant GTO.

Birthday Unknown

Breed: Arabian



Lucifer– Was rescued in November of 2020 from the OLEX auction. He was sent to the auction because he foundered a couple of times and they decided to get a new pony that would not be any trouble for them. He was mennonite children's cart pony.

Birthday Unknown

Breed: Hackney Pony

Available for Sponsorship



More info coming soon

Meet the donkeys! If you would like to sponsor a donkey you can click on the donate button. It costs around $130 per month to care for a donkey. Your generous contribution goes towards vet bills, feeding and care for our special donkeys. So any amount helps!