Shop & Give

Welcome to our new Shop & Give page! Purchase a specific item from our shop below to give directly to the farm. If you would prefer to donate money, please visit our Donate page.

Looking for an alternative? We could always use the following items for donation:

  • Buckets (large & small)

  • First aid supplies

    • iodine​

    • gauze

    • vet wrap

  • Horse halters, lead ropes, hoof picks

  • Horse grooming supplies

  • Manure forks

  • Wheel barrels

  • Dog blankets/coats (to keep the goats warm)

  • Towels, blankets, sheets, etc

  • Children's play equipment (for the goats)

  • Rubber stall mats - 4 x 6

  • Dog houses - good shape, large enough to use as shelters

  • Rubber hoses

  • Building supplies



There are also several items available through one of our suppliers, Pleasant Ridge Saddlery & Western Wear in Brantford, ON.


Click here for a detailed list and to purchase directly from the shop.