Meet the Original Adults



Daisy came to Triple C Farm in March of 2015 at 3 months old as one of the Originals.  She was a bottle baby that had been rejected by her mom, Jessica.  She earned a special place in our hearts and became famous for eating earrings (including mom's diamond one)!

Lovingly adopted by
Elaine Ende



Merida was rescued in 2017 from a meat breeding facility.  She had no socialization when we got her but she quickly learned that people are good and now enjoys their company!

Lovingly adopted by Robbie Paris



Viking is a boarder goat as well.  He is quite striking with his blue eyes, jet black hair, and big horns. Do not be afraid though he is just a big cuddly teddy bear (although watch your clothes he loves to chew on seams).

Lovingly adopted by Audra Jacombs



Tupac was born on March 27, 2017.  His mom is Chloe.  Tupac is a super friendly guy who likes to lick everyone, so don't be surprised if your legs and arms get licked when you meet him!

Lovingly adopted by
Sarah Hale



Karma is mama to Louise and Karma...



Chloe joined Triple C Farm in March of 2015 as one of the Originals, with 3 other goats that needed a home.  Chloe was the shyest of the 4 and continues to be shy.

Lovingly adopted by

Shannon Dunnet



Twinkle came in 2018 with her babies Noah and Isabelle.  She had been living in a situation where she was tied to a fence all day with no space.  She has plenty of room to run now!

Lovingly adopted by Amanda Cioci



The last of our meat breeding rescues, Penelope has had the hardest time adjusting to humans.  She likes goat yoga humans as their 'zen' keeps her calmer.

Lovingly adopted by Braelyn Rotman



Elsa was rescued in 2017 from a meat breeding facility.  She was the first of the group to come around to humans and loves attention.  In December of that year she fell ill just before Christmas with Goat Polio and hypothermia. After late night vet visit, warming, penicillin, and then 3 weeks of Vitamin B1 injections, she has fully recovered and is healthy...but we keep a close eye on her.

Lovingly adopted by
Pat Ellis