Welcome to our Goat Page!

We love each and every one of our little goats and all of them have such unique personalities.  Some have been rescued and some have been rehomed... but each one means the world to us and have their forever home here at Triple C Farm. However we do have an adoption process if you have a hobby farm or acreage and are looking for a friendly goat or two to join your family.
Please contact us for more information on this process.
If you would like to sponsor a goat you can click on the donate button. It costs approximately $30 per month to take care of each goat, vet bills are an extra fee as well but every donation goes right back to feeding and caring for our little goats.
You can also pick your favorite goat to sponsor as well and we will send you a small thank you from that goat. so scroll on through our goats and get to know each one individually. 

Meet the Goats!


Original Adults


2019 Babies


2021 Goats


2018 Babies


2020 Babies