Meet the 2021 Goats



Maple was rescued January 15 from the Haggersville Auction with baby Waffles. Very nervous of human contact. Was in pretty rough shape with a scared left utter.



Waffles was rescued January 15 from the Haggersville Auction with mom Maple. She has been through so much in her short little life. She came to us invested with lice, 2 swollen front knees that required surgery to drain them and is on an antibiotic for an unknown infection. She is now being raised in the house and is a shining star in the farm owners eyes. 
Lovingly adopted by
Suzanne Sporcic



COVID was born on February 15, 2021 to mama Merida along with Corona. COVID loves to hang out with the big herd and run all over the sheep. 

Lovingly adopted by

Taylor Robertson

Goat Portraits_After All Photography-010


Sven was born on February 15, with brother Olaf to mom Pocahontas. Sven was brought into the farmhouse the first day as he was not eating, was hypothermic and mom was rejecting him. He still lives in the farmhouse. He loves snuggling with the cats and dogs inside the house. 

Lovingly adopted by
Krista Taylor



Muffins was born March 8, 2021 to mama Elsa. She was a big baby!

Lovingly adopted by 
Megan Hutton

Goat Portraits_After All Photography-025


Christof was born April 9, 2021 to mama Mary. He has the cutest curly hair. 

Lovingly adopted by
Donna & Val



Daphne was rescued on April 7, 2021. We do not know much about her yet, but we are excited to see her starting to come around. 

Lovingly adopted by
Gillian Dunn



Olive was rescued January 15 from the Haggersville Auction with baby Sweetpea. She is a super sweet girl that was most likely a bottle baby. She was bred to a pygmy at a very young age. We are still uncertain as to why she was at the auction. 

Lovingly adopted by
Stephanie Marion


Sweet Pea

Sweetpea was rescued January 15 from the Haggersville Auction with mom Olive. She has the cutest face! She is half pygmy-half saanan. 

Lovingly adopted by Adrian



Corona was born February 15, 2021 with sister COVID to mother Merida. Corona was jumping all over mom hours after being born. Living up to her name that is for sure.  

Lovingly adopted by

Taylor Robertson



Olaf was born on February 15, 2021 to mom Pocahontas and brother Sven. Him and mama are best buds. 

Lovingly adopted by

Richard Marcos

Goat Portraits_After All Photography-002


Toffee was born April 8, 2021 to mama Daisy! He has the cutest, little white ears. 

Lovingly adopted by Ann, Skylar, Spencer & Shyla



Velma was rescued on April 7, 2021. Out of the group rescued that day, Velma is the first one to greet you when you enter her pen.