Meet the 2020 Goats



Eva was born February 22. She is named after actress, Eva Mendes. Eva is such a spunky little girl. She is another one of our little girls who likes goats classes and cuddles.

Lovingly adopted by The Malcolm's



Fiona was born March 26 with brother Shrek and Donkey, to mama Lucky! She has stayed really tiny and is a big star for our tel-a-goat experience!

Lovingly adopted by Jax, Lloyd, & Ely



GK was born April 21 with twin brother Grayson, to mama Twinkle. He is named after the farm owners father. At one week old he was found paralyzed in Alice's pen. He was then rushed to the vet and they found that there was a separation of swelling in his vertebrae. He was brought inside and at every bottle feeding, we would do physio therapy and practice walking and standing. He is now back with the herd with about 85% use of his left leg and 70% use of his right. 

Lovingly adopted by the DeWilde's



Will was born February 26 with twin sister Jada, to mama Elsa. He is a spunky little boy and likes to play a lot with the other goats. He loves to be cuddled! 
Lovingly adopted by Paul Vasilak



Ryan was first born in the season on February 22. He was breeched, so Trish had to help with his birth. Biggest of the triplets born to mom Merida. He is named after Ryan Gosling!
Lovingly adopted by Stephanie Silverstri



Shrek was born March 26 to mama Lucky with sister Fiona. He has a very unique colouring, which looks like he is wearing horse chaps. He is extremely hard to catch from anyone but his adoptive girl. 

Lovingly adopted by Raghad Azzam

Goat Portraits_After All Photography-093_edited.jpg


Maggie was born June 13 to mama Dani. She had a long birth, and was a very large baby. She has the most beautiful colours and the best ears. Most cuddly goat we have. She loves to show off in goat yoga. She also enjoys sleeping in the chair next to her adoptive girl. 

Lovingly adopted by Emily Strecker 



Luna was the 3rd born on February 22 with Ryan and Eva to momma Merida. She is very attached to her mom. Luna has a lot of spunk! She is a bit dominant with her other friends, and likes to rule the roost.

Lovingly adopted by Cecelia Tripp



Grayson was born April 21 with twin brother GK, to mama Twinkle. He is a spunky boy, who loves to stir the pot as it were with his friends. Can be recognized by his distinctive black eyebrows. 

Lovingly adopted by Kathy Archer



Katmandu was born April 13 to mama Jessica. She was a total surprise because mom was not bred that year. Terribly cute but a little on the shy side. She was named by the farm owners sister. 

Lovingly adopted by Katia Gauthier



Jada was born on February 26 to mom Elsa, along with twin brother Will. Her distinctive colour sets her apart from the others. A fun goat that has been lovingly adopted by the Lockhart Family.

Lovingly adopted by Chauntelle Mowat



Mazikeen was born March 29, to mom Clover. She was not nursing well with mom, so she was brought into the house to be hand raised. True to her name - she can be a little demon. She is was of the biggest escape artists on the farm. She thinks she is a dog, and loves attention from people. 

Lovingly adopted by Sam and Wayne



Gabrielle was born March 31 to mama Marie and Daddy Jay-Z. We had no idea Marie was pregnant, until one day she was walking away and Trish noticed her udders. So we stuck her in a stall and five hours later our sweet Gabby was born.

Lovingly adopted by Alex

2020 Rescues & Surrenders 



Rosalina was one of four we rescued from going to the meat market in September of 2020. She has beautiful blue eyes and appears to be part myotonic as she has shown some traits. 
*Available for adoption*



Jesse was one of four we rescued from going to the meat market in September of 2020. She is mama to Mya. She has lost the tips of her ears to what we assume was frostbite. She resembles a deer. 
Lovingly adopted by Mary



Flora was re-homed January 8 to us after her brother passed away and she wasn't happy with a regular herd. She is very people oriented and acts more like a dog than a goat. She may stand up looking like she is going to bump you, but it just means she likes you and wants to play.

*Available for adoption*



Heyman is part of the group re-homed from wild things petting farm. Of the 3 goats that came, he definitely was the least wary and has become well established with the herd. He does prefer to hang with his grandma Stacey and uncle Jaxx. Heyman is a year old! He’s also super fluffy, which makes for some good cuddling.
*Available for adoption*



Zelda is one of four we rescued from going to the meat market in September of 2020. Geoffrey, farms owners son, named her!
*Available for adoption*



Mya one of four we rescued with help from a group of people, from going to meat in September of 2020. Her mama is Jesse. Mya is around 6 months old! She has adapted well to a large herd and attending goat yoga! 

Lovingly adopted by Hope & Janet

Goat Portraits_After All Photography-073.jpg


Jaxx is part of the group re-homed from wild things petting farm. His mom is Stacey. 

Lovingly adopted by Nancy & her Family



Stacey is part of the group re-homed from wild things petting farm. She was a former meat breeding goat. She had two litters every year since she was one and half. Her body definitely shows that she has had multiple pregnancy's. She is nervous around people, but it slowly starting to come around.

Lovingly adopted by Shirlene Nalepa