Meet the 2018 Goats


Jay-Z came to the farm in June at approximately 8 weeks of age with his sister, Beyonce and mom, Aretha. He also starred in the plan Canada commercials and has now become our Billy. 


Mocha was rescued from the Hagersville auction on Friday September 7. He was only a day or two old when we brought him home. His mom was likely a milk goat so being a boy he was discarded immediately. He's become one of the farms favourites with his floppy ears and friendly personality.


Luke Duke was brought to our farm from a meat facility, with his mom, as a five day old baby. He is one of a kind..spunky and sweet with such personality. Luke truly thinks he is a bigger goat than he is!  He’s a favorite at goat yoga. Luke is a wonderful goat!


Drake came to the farm in June with Jay-Z. His mom had a prolapsed uterus when he was born. He was a bit off when we first got him, but quickly made himself at home. 


Stewart was 5 months old when he came to the farm. He was purchased for food, but the owners ended up falling in love with him and could not eat him. He originally came to us as a boarder goat named Stew, but when he officially became ours we changed his name to Stewart. He did the juicy fruit commercials. He is a diva! Every goat yoga class he picks one person and lays with them the whole time. 


Shakira was born May 1 to mama Daisy. She got her name because she has her waddles in the wrong place. She is the sweetest, and stayed tiny. She is a goat yoga and retirement home star.  


Ozzie came to the farm in January when he was approximately 5 days old. He loves to have his head rubbed and you will find him using guests legs as a rubbing post. Ozzie and 17 are brothers.


Marie was born April 3 with twin brother Donny. She is super sweet. Marie is a very quiet goat, you can always find her in the background minding her own business. She somehow got pregnant by Jay-Z and has a baby named Gabrielle. 


17 came to the farm in January when he was approximately 5 days old. He was named after someones number. Not quite as outgoing as his brother.  17 and Ozzie are brothers.


Latte was rescued from the Hagersville auction beginning of September. He was likely only a few days old at the time. We gave him colostrum and started bottle feeding right away..which meant feeding every 1 to 1.5 hours until he picked up eating well.  He loves his head scratched between his horns and chin rubs.   


Cappuccino was rescued in September with the other coffee brothers. He is the star of the 2018 planned Canada commercials. He will be one of the first to greet you! He loves attention. 


Donnie was born April 3 with twin sister Marie. He is the strong, silent type. He likes to have his hear rubbed between his horns.  

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